Details Regarding Our Services

Jordan Park has striven to comply with the guidelines given by the Governor and State health department throughout the course of the pandemic.  We love the souls of people and remain true to our commitment to God.  We pray for those who are sick with the virus and pray that lives will be spared.  We desire to meet together as we have in the past as soon as possible but until then, to address health concerns, we have provided the following ways to join in worship.

1. In the main auditorium, wearing a mask and social distancing are optional.

2. The balcony area is reserved for those wearing masks throughout the service and who maintain social distance through the services.

3. Room 205 (the large upstairs classroom) has an isolated HVAC unit and has audio and video feeds from the auditorium. This room is reserved for mask only attendance.

4. All services are also streamed live via the internet.

The Lord’s Supper elements are pre-packaged so that each person can pick up their own container before services and take it to their seats. The Lord’s supper will be taken together during the service as directed by a man who makes remarks centered on the death of Christ. The empty containers will be placed in the ziplock bags provided and disposed of after services.

We have a variety of Bible classes for you to choose from on Sunday at 9:00am and Wednesday at 7:00pm. All of our children’s classes have resumed and are seeking to study God’s word with health safety in mind.

All are welcome to the services at Jordan Park church of Christ!

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** Some additional JP Bible Classes have been recorded for viewing at home. **
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Monday, December 05, 2022

“Therefore Jesus said again, “Very truly I tell you, I am the gate for the sheep.”(Daily Reading, ESV)