Our Leadership

Our Leadership


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Bryan Alexander - Maintains bulletin boards and updates tract racks. All things copier and workroom related. Picture Directory.

Daniel Barnes - Coordinates US Mail correspondence courses. Organizes and maintains a database for the students and their graders

Billy Bradford - JP Network. JP Audio/Video Support. JP Online: Congregate, Vimeo, JP email lists (Bryan Griffin to help).

Jamie Britnell - Personal work group coordinator. (Current group leaders: Cord Haynes, Jeremy Tomes, Daniel Barnes, Patrick Price and Jamie Britnell) Buys Bibles for new converts.

Brian Cook – Treasurer. Financial statements.

Jeff Dunnavant – Worship assignment duty roster (Dan Harrison to help).

Cord Haynes – “Green book”. Helps widows. Indoor maintenance backup to Craig Lawson.

Michael Hubbard – Security. AV booth help. Security alarm point of contact.

Neal Kendrick – Middle/high school teacher support, online archive of teaching material. Finds local churches for correspondence course students who express an interest in studying with someone.  Maintains the baptistry and gowns.

Craig Lawson – Indoor building systems operation and maintenance.  Systems include all electrical systems including the fire alarm and plumbing. Cord Haynes will be Craig’s backup.

Doug Marlin – Outdoor maintenance. Lawn mower company contact. Sprinkler system (Buddy Miller to help.)

Mark McMurray - Secretary of the congregation. Trustee clerk. Benevolence.

Richard Nash – Teacher support for the preschool and grade school classes.  Attendance lists.

Paul Osmer - Person of contact for Janitorial Service

Patrick Price – JP Network with Billy Bradford. AV booth help. Contribution drop off.

Bill Yell - Publishes Jordan Park Reminder. Librarian. Wednesday night announcements.