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Peter's Fall and Restoration

A Note from Jeff Archer:

"I wanted to make a correction about something I said in the sermon I preached on Feb. 4 of this year called "The fall and restoration of Peter". I was talking about Peter denying the Lord 3 times. When he was asked the 3rd time if he was one of Jesus' followers the text says, "Then he began to curse and swear, saying, I do not know the Man!" (Matt. 26:74) To "swear" means to take an oath. Perhaps Peter said something like "I swear by God that I do not know the Man." I believe that was clear in my lesson. The part I said incorrectly was about Peter "cursing". I said that Peter used foul or vulgar language to deny the Lord. On further study, this is NOT the meaning of the word to "curse". This word means that someone places a curse on himself or others. Perhaps Peter said something like, "May I be condemned/cursed by God if I'm lying." I'm sorry for not being more accurate in my explanation of the text and for any confusion I caused."

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